Yearly Archive: 2016

Laughing Kookaburra

As I chased him with my camera I wondered what he had caught. A stick insect! Doesn’t sound like a very substantial snack. I hope he enjoyed it. He was certainly making enough noise...

Masked Lapwing

I always called these Lapwing Plovers, but apparently that’s not correct. Or not correct anymore. Or something. Anyway, they’re often found in pairs, fiercely defending their nest, which is actually just a small depression...

Brown Gerygone

Brown Gerygone, or Brown Warbler. Gerygones are Australian Warblers. Can you see him? About two thirds of the way to the right, and about a third of the way down.

Superb Fairy-Wren

I was thrilled to get these “family photos”. It wasn’t until I looked at them on my computer that I realised I had actually captured five birds, not the four I thought I had!

Comb-crested Jacana

Absolutely awful photo of an amazing bird – sometimes called the Jesus bird, because it “walks on water”. The feet are incredible! Better photos in this post.