Category: Long legged waders

Herons, egrets, storks, spoonbills, flamingos, bitterns, ibises, cranes

Yellow-Billed Spoonbill

I had a few bucket list birds when I went to Bowra. Pretty much top of my list was the Yellow-billed Spoonbill, which we pretty much saw as soon as we arrived! There was...

Royal Spoonbill

I recently visited Hervey Bay, with my two granddaughters. We stayed in a cabin on a lake, with birds outside all the time! It was fabulous. The Spoonbill sifts the bottom of the lake,...

Common Greenshank

Amongst a whole lot of shorebirds, this one solitary different one (well, of this species), another new bird for my list!

Striated Heron

This guy was so cute, stalking fish in the rockpools, and catching them and eating them as quick as a blink!

Little Egret

I thought I had a new bird here. Turned out that I did, and I didn’t. I didn’t have Little Egret on my list, but a bird I’d previously identified as an Intermediate Egret...