Category: Large Perching Birds

Coucals, Koel, Cuckoos, Bronze-Cuckoos, Magpies, Currawongs, Ravens, Crows, Butcherbirds, Drongo, Myna, Chough, Apostlebird, Magpie-Lark, Starlings, Orioles, Figbirds.

Grey Butcherbird

There was a young butcherbird carrying on, squalling for something to eat. It’s parent came down to it, to a small puddle, and got a drink, so the young bird had a drink too....


The whole time we were staying at Kinnon & Co baby Apostlebirds were squalling to be fed. It must be a 24/7 job for the parents! The chicks never give up.


These were all taken on the grounds of Kinnon & Co Outback Lodges where Mum and I stayed for four days after and before our Spirit of the Outback train journeys.