Bowra Bird List

Temporary post to get all the birds I saw at Bowra into my life list. Apostlebird Australasian Grebe Australian Magpie Australian Raven Australian Ringneck Australian Wood Duck Black Kite Black-breasted Buzzard Black-faced Woodswallow Black-fronted...

Black-Faced Woodswallow

Another new bird from Bowra. Everywhere we saw these, we also saw Bourke’s Parrots. They are so cute, all snuggled up and fluffy.

Mulga Parrot

I got up earlyish one morning, to get some photos over the lagoon at sunrise. So worth it!

Bourke’s Parrot

This was another bird, that even though I’d seen one before, it wasn’t in the wild, so it was a bucket list bird 🙂

Brown Treecreeper

More of the wonderful birds from Bowra Station. Sometimes I refer to this place as Bowra Sanctuary. Both are correct. Bowra Sanctuary is internationally renowned as one of Australia’s most rewarding bird watching destinations....

Singing Honeyeater

Another new bird from Bowra. It really has to be experienced to be believed. It’s such an awesome place!


We saw an Emu at Bowra the day we arrived. A few days later a family came to the lagoon – two adults and a younger bird. So gorgeous!

Spotted Bowerbird

More from Bowra. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how many wonderful birds we saw out there! It really is a birders paradise.

Australian Ringneck Parrot

Since I first heard about Bowra Station I’ve wanted to go there. I organised a trip there, four of us went, for six days. We all want to go back again. It was amazing!...