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Spotted Bowerbird

More from Bowra. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how many wonderful birds we saw out there! It really is a birders paradise.

Paradise Riflebird

Be prepared to look UP when you go to Maiala. The trees are tall, and the birds are at the top!

Albert’s Lyrebird

One of the birds I really wanted to see. When we finally saw one it was in the carpark, on our last morning! And if you didn’t know any better, at a quick glance...

Regent Bowerbird

I had hoped to see a Regent Bowerbird, and I did! It was a female though, instead of the striking black and yellow male. But she’s still beautiful, and she’s still a Regent Bowerbird!

Regent Bowerbird

This was another of the birds in the conservation area at Currumbin, but I’m not sure why. Glad I got to see it though! Hopefully I’ll get to see some in the wild next...