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Pigeons, doves, bronzewings, fruit doves, cuckoo doves.

Common Bronzewing

At the edge of the Squirrel Gliders Conservation area, I spotted these, and stopped to jump out and take photos.

Bar-shouldered Dove

A new one for my list today. This bird was so gorgeous, but sitting in really bad lighting, but the colours that showed were just gorgeous.

Squatter Pigeon

not my photo. click image to visit original I’m going to add birds that I have positively identified, but don’t have a photo of. I’ll use other peoples creative commons licensed photos to hold...

Brown Cuckoo-Dove

I recently spent three days at O’Reilly’s, in the Lamington National Park. It was wonderful. This was the first bird of the trip, on the road when we were almost to the resort. As...

Topknot Pigeon

Given all the varieties of fancy pigeon that pigeon fanciers have created over the years, you have to wonder if any of them knew about these, before they started.

Crested Pigeon

These two were very cute, sharing seed pecking, and secrets. I had to caption this one Secret Pigeon Business.

Wompoo Fruit-Dove

Also called the Wompoo Pigeon. At our campsite at Brooloo Park, Imbil.