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Common Bronzewing

At the edge of the Squirrel Gliders Conservation area, I spotted these, and stopped to jump out and take photos.

Topknot Pigeon

Given all the varieties of fancy pigeon that pigeon fanciers have created over the years, you have to wonder if any of them knew about these, before they started.

Crested Pigeon

These two were very cute, sharing seed pecking, and secrets. I had to caption this one Secret Pigeon Business.

Wompoo Fruit-Dove

Also called the Wompoo Pigeon. At our campsite at Brooloo Park, Imbil.


Possibly a Modena pigeon or an Archangel pigeon – both fancy breeds, which originated from Columbia Livia. If you have any input into what bird this is please let me know.

Rock Pigeon

I’ve listed this one as different to a common pigeon because – Rock Pigeon It would appear that the particular markings on this bird make it a Rock Dove, or Rock Pigeon, but it’s...