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Australian Ringneck Parrot

Since I first heard about Bowra Station I’ve wanted to go there. I organised a trip there, four of us went, for six days. We all want to go back again. It was amazing!...

Red-Winged Parrot

We saw this parrot the day we arrived, and didn’t see it again for the rest of the trip. Glad I got photos when I did!

Little Corella

A very bad, very zoomed in photo, taken from the platform of the railway station while waiting for our train.


The Red and Green (or green winged) macaw, and the Blue and Yellow (or blue and gold) macaw are both large South American Macaws.

Sun Conure

The Sun Conure is native to northeastern South America. This beautiful bird was in one of our local pet shops, for a horrendous amount of money. eBird has this listed as Sun Parakeet.