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Brown Treecreeper

More of the wonderful birds from Bowra Station. Sometimes I refer to this place as Bowra Sanctuary. Both are correct. Bowra Sanctuary is internationally renowned as one of Australia’s most rewarding bird watching destinations....

Common Bronzewing

At the edge of the Squirrel Gliders Conservation area, I spotted these, and stopped to jump out and take photos.

Pacific Baza

I can’t believe this little area, around the corner, I keep seeing new birds!


When I lived on the Sunshine Coast mistletoebirds were regular visitors to my backyard. These are the first I’ve seen in over twenty years! It was so good to find a pait 🙂 I...

Bassian Thrush

These are apparently really hard to spot, but after the first time, we found them relatively easy and found quite a few. I included one of the “hard-to-see” shots so you can tell why...

Crested Pigeon

These two were very cute, sharing seed pecking, and secrets. I had to caption this one Secret Pigeon Business.