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Australian Reed-warbler

These photos are absolutely atrocious, and I’m not even going to tell you where to find the bird in them. It was such a gorgeous little bird, brown on the back, and yellowish on...

Masked Lapwing

I always called these Lapwing Plovers, but apparently that’s not correct. Or not correct anymore. Or something. Anyway, they’re often found in pairs, fiercely defending their nest, which is actually just a small depression...


These were all taken on the grounds of Kinnon & Co Outback Lodges where Mum and I stayed for four days after and before our Spirit of the Outback train journeys.


There is a pole, in Wellington Point, it’s sole purpose is to provide a platform for Osprey to nest on.

Australian Darter with chicks

The start of this video is really shaky, but if you give it until 4 seconds you’ll get to see the ugly little snaky chicks! And this was a second nesting Darter in a...