Daily Archive: March 9, 2017

Grey Fantail

Not the best photo in the world, but I just love all the feathers from this angle.


We saw lots of these, pairs, mostly, and a few juveniles. They’re very quick, and always in amongst the scrub, so hard to photograph.

Brown Gerygone

Gerygones are Australian Warblers. I’d always said “JerryGone”, but we heard one of the rangers say Djer-ig-gonee. But then we heard more people saying jerrygone, so I’m sticking with jerrygone. I also heard someone...

Bassian Thrush

These are apparently really hard to spot, but after the first time, we found them relatively easy and found quite a few. I included one of the “hard-to-see” shots so you can tell why...

Regent Bowerbird

I had hoped to see a Regent Bowerbird, and I did! It was a female though, instead of the striking black and yellow male. But she’s still beautiful, and she’s still a Regent Bowerbird!

Lewin’s Honeyeater

There were a few of these around the buildings, as well as in the rainforest. They’re lovely little birds, and their song is gorgeous too! One of these came to the cafe to check...

Large-billed Scrubwren

not my photo. click image to visit original I saw some of these at O’Reilly’s, but I didn’t managed to get a photo. Hopefully it won’t be long before I get my own!