Daily Archive: March 8, 2017

Eastern Yellow Robin

Not at all shy, they posed and sang to us. The bird walk man feeds them raw walnuts, so they’re obviously looking for more.

Eastern Whipbird

It was amazing, once we’d seen our first Whipbird, just how many of them we saw. Make’s you wonder why we ever thought they were hard to see!

Eastern Spinebill

Gorgeous little birds, who were often hanging around the grevilleas and bottlebrushes near the bird feeding area.

Blue-Cheeked (Crimson) Rosella

I can’t believe that I didn’t have this in my list before. I had Eastern Rosella, and I think I was just absently assuming this was the same thing! Actually, I hadn’t added ANY...

Brown Thornbill

There were so many “Little Brown Jobs” around that it was difficult to identify them, but between my book, Katherine’s book, my app, and the local field guide that I bought, we managed.

Brown Cuckoo-Dove

I recently spent three days at O’Reilly’s, in the Lamington National Park. It was wonderful. This was the first bird of the trip, on the road when we were almost to the resort. As...